All Our Outdoor Cleaning Services Use 100% Pure Water

Our cleaning service uses a long range telescopic pole that is fed with 100% pure water. Pure water is a natural cleaner and dries leaving no spots or streaks. Attached to the telescopic pole is a scratch free soft bristle brush that sprays out pure water attracting dirt and debris. With a telescopic pole no ladders are required that may harm your building, home or vehicle.

We use two styles of poles, one reaching 20ft and the second reaching heights up to 50ft. They are made of fibreglass and carbon fibre offering easy manoeuvrability when working around obstacles and awkward angles.

Mac-Klean uses a 5 stage system. Stages 1-5 include: one carbon pre-filter, three ultra-low pressure RO membrane filters and one DI polishing filter. We have the capability to use the RO only option when ultra-pure DI water is not needed (ex. solar panels, soft wash, automobiles). Leaving you with a streak free and spotless shine.

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