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What is Pure water Cleaning
& Why Does it Work the Best?

To understand what Pure Water cleaning is and why it is the best method for cleaning, we must first look at regular tap water. Regular tap water often contains impurities such as phosphates, nitrates, chlorine, and other heavy metals. These impurities found in regular tap water can leave stains and streaks when cleaning. Tap water is not a very good solvent without the aid of a strong chemical or soap which can harm the plants and grass around the area your are cleaning.

This is why Mac-Klean uses only "Pure Water" for its cleaning service. What is pure water cleaning? Pure water cleaning is achieved by taking regular tap water and filtering the impurities out. This natural cleaner dries leaving no spots or streaks and works like a magnet attracting dirt and debris. Pure water ultimately wants to return back to its naturally "dirty" state sucking up any dirt in its path. As the water returns to its dirty state, it drags down the dirt and debris leaving you with a product that is dry, clean and shiny.

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Mac-Klean specializes in outdoor cleaning services for residential and commercial properties. We offer a wide range of 100% pure water cleaning solutions. Take a tour of our popular outdoor cleaning services.

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